We are Northplay.
An Entertainment
Design Studio.
A small passionate team of highly specialized individuals
making unique digital products that entertain.
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Conduct THIS!
Set in a stunning world, with incredibly simple controls you race against time to bring passengers safely to their destination by commanding trains, switching tracks and avoiding collisions in increasingly challenging action-puzzles.
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Self Published
We make games and gamified content for multiple platforms. Building fun and addictive experiences is a key to unlocking entirely new ways of engaging with your audience. We’re experts in fun.
Design is at the core of everything we do. Every single product that we come into contact with is carefully worked on with skillful, opiniated craftsmanship. We design award winning interfaces, icons and logos for clients around the world.
We’ve been making mobile applications for years, working on a long string of succesful apps for multiple platforms. We help our partners create memorable and unique experiences that are both well designed and solidly engineered.