A framework for building better Apple TV apps

Axiom is a framework for better streaming Apple TV Apps. We have taken everything we have learned building best-in-class native experiences for the big screen and created a system of reusable components that will make your Apple TV app both affordable and powerful.

When building some of the most advanced Apple TV solutions in the Nordics we realized something: Most Apple TV apps out there aren’t that great. They don’t follow platform conventions and suffer from restrictions imposed by other platforms.

To many content providers it is yet another platform they need to support. Solutions are thrown together in TVMLKit and create subpar experiences for users. If you’ve used more than a few apps on Apple TV, you know what we’re talking about.

The tvOS platform has the potential to be one of the most delightful streaming experiences on the big screen. So why aren’t content providers taking advantage of this? Because for many, it is a new platform and it is expensive to build for new things.

This is why we’ve built Axiom. It is a growing template system of reusable components that make it much quicker for us to create native delightful solutions featuring your content.

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