We are looking for
  exciting projects
  to work on

At Northplay we have a pretty simple philosophy.
We want to work on projects that excite us.
This goes for our own products and for the work we do for our clients. So to make it easier to hire us, we've put together this little reverse brief to tell you about the sort of work we'd love to do for you.

What can we do for you?

We're at our best when we work on digital products, particularly in the entertainment space or at the forefront of technology. Maybe you have a tvOS or iOS app that needs a great and experienced team? Or maybe you have a game or some gamified content that you need to workshop with a talented group of fun-experts. Here's the overall types of projects we'd love to continue to work with:

  • 📺 tvOS apps
  • 📱 iOS apps (particularly in the entertainment space)
  • 🕹 Games (big and small)
  • 🖲 Entertainment that has a hardware component
  • 💡 Workshops and implementation of gamification
  • 🔮 AR Projects

If you have work in any of these areas, we’d love to talk! Seriously, get in touch right now.

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